Do you ever wonder about the words and writings on quilts?  An incredible quilt study opportunity awaits at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum as we see, enjoy and learn stories behind inscribed quilts during Quilts That Speak.

​Whether it be to preserve a special memory or for sentimental reasons, in many ways quilters throughout history have left inscriptions of names and words on their quilts.  The IQSCM has collected, preserved and researched a growing collection of inscribed quilts and will share some of their best treasures and research findings during this study weekend. Our program will include viewing quilts with curators and experts, lectures and more.

The weekend also includes:

•  Amazing exhibitions

•  Special lectures

•  Welcome Reception

•  Transportation between museum and hotel

•  One-year museum membership

•  Lunches

•  Gift bag

Price for this exclusive IQSCM fundraising event - $349 per person.  All proceeds go to the museum.

Quilts That Speak

April 25-27, 2019